Helping to relieve aches and pains

Stress and tension from everyday life and unfortunate injuries can cause pain in the neck, head and back area. 

Due to each section connecting to the spine and the central nervous system, they can suffer similar problems that can inter-relate between each other, such as where muscle fatigue and muscle tightness may lead to headaches.



Neck Pain

From serious accidents causing whiplash to general aches and pains in the neck region, we offer a range of treatments involving stretching and massage of muscles around the neck, moving joints gently to promote movement.

You will be offered therapy from the first consultation, continuing to track your progress and evaluate at each consultation.


Headaches are common to us all, one of the most prevalent 'tension headaches' involve the gripping of neck muscles around the back of the skull and pulling on connective tissues from the back to the front of the head.

These tension headaches and other related problems can be alleviated through the use of treatment on affected muscles.

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